how to get rid of my ai on snapchat

How to get rid of MY AI on Snapchat

Do you remember the Snapchat’s exciting update? The one with your very own AI companion, My AI? Yeah, I am talking about the one that makes people crazy at first, but now feels like that houseguest who just won’t leave? We’ve all been there.

My AI! Who started his journey as an interesting friend with his endless suggestions and attention-grabbing information but soon turned into an annoying companion.

But fret not, fellow Snappers! You don’t have to worry at all. I have found a simple solution to this situation. In this guide, I am going to tell you the complete way to get rid of this annoying Snapchat AI bot once and for all. You must read it carefully. And if you like this effort of mine, kindly let me know so that I can be motivated.

What is MY AI?

Hey Snapchatters! Remember when Snapchat was just platform of sending some silly selfies and funny filters? Well, Things have changed very rapidly. Now you’ll never be alone on Snapchat. Yes! My AI, Your Snapchat friend.

Think of My AI as a friendly robot Pal who lives inside your Snapchat. It can do all sorts of cool things, like:

  • Start conversations: My AI can suggest fun topics to chat about with your friends, like “Would you rather…” or “Truth or Dare?”
  • Share fun stuff: Feeling bored? My AI can share funny videos, quizzes, and even play games with you!
  • Help you remember: Need a reminder to call your grandma or finish that homework? My AI can set reminders and keep you on track.
  • Be your creative partner: Stuck for a Snapchat caption? My AI can suggest witty lines or even write you a poem!

My AI is still learning and growing, but it’s already a pretty awesome chat buddy. So, next time you open Snapchat, give My AI a try! You might just be surprised at how much fun you can have with your new robot friend.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • My AI is still under development, so it might not always understand you perfectly. Just be patient and keep talking!
  • You can turn off My AI suggestions if you want to chat with your friends without any interruptions.
  • My AI is for everyone, but some features might be different depending on your Snapchat subscription.

My AI on Snapchat: Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

But if you have tried it and are worried about its unnecessary interference and like me, you are thinking that it is time to say goodbye to MY AI, then you are in the right place. Let’s try to free ourselves from snapchat AI bot.

For the Free Spirits:

  • The Hideaway: You can’t completely delete My AI (yet!), but you can make it vanish like a magic trick. For Snapchat Plus users, it’s as simple as a long press on My AI’s chat bubble, a tap on “Chat Settings,” and then “Clear from Chat Feed.” Poof! The bot’s gone, your chat feed’s serene.
  • Silence the Buzzkill: Not a Plus member? No sweat. You can still silence My AI’s notifications like a ninja. Head to Settings, then “Notifications,” and under “Chats,” toggle off “My AI.” Now, only your real friends will buzz your phone.
  • The Cold Shoulder: Sometimes, ignoring is the best revenge. Give My AI the silent treatment! Don’t reply to its messages, don’t engage with its suggestions. Treat it like that lonely cactus in the corner, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll get the hint and leave you alone.

For the Snapchat Elite:

  • Level Up to Plus: If you are already enjoying Snapchat fancy features with Plus status, I think now there is only one thing left for you to do and that is to get rid of Snapchat bot AI. Level up your Snapchat experience and say “hasta la vista, baby” to unwanted AI companionship.
  • Shake it Like You Mean It: Snapchat loves feedback, and the “Shake to Report” feature is your chance to be heard. Shake your phone while in My AI’s chat and choose “Report Chat” to let them know you’re not a fan. Enough voices might just make them add a “Remove My AI” button in the future.


  • No AI Uprising: My AI isn’t Skynet, don’t worry. Banishing it won’t trigger robot wars, just a sigh of relief.
  • The Future is Open: Snapchat is always evolving, with new features and maybe even new AI buddies on the horizon. Keep an open mind; you might find a future AI companion you actually like!

So, there you have it, Snappers! Your guide to reclaiming your chat freedom and sending My AI packing. Whether you’re a free-spirited rebel or a Plus-powered pro, you have the tools to take back control. Now go forth and snap with confidence, knowing your digital space is truly your own. And hey, if you ever miss the chirpy bot, well, you can always un-hide it with a few taps. But who knows, by that time, you might be enjoying the peace and quiet too much to go back!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

My AI can chat with you, suggest fun things to do like games and quizzes, share interesting content, and even set reminders for you. Think of it as a helpful and chatty robot friend!

If you have Snapchat Plus, you can hide My AI from your chat feed. Otherwise, you can mute its notifications or simply ignore it. My AI isn’t going away completely, but you can definitely minimize its presence. In the above article, we have explained the complete method of how to get rid of snapchat AI.

My AI is still learning and growing, so it doesn’t have all the answers. But it’s constantly getting smarter and can access a vast amount of information online. Don’t hesitate to ask it anything, even if you’re not sure it knows the answer!


My AI is a digital genie waiting for your wishes… or maybe just your silence. You get to decide how it unfolds. Whether you embrace its cheerful suggestions, banish it to the chat shadows, or find a happy medium, remember it’s your Snapchat experience. Own it, personalize it, and make it uniquely yours.

So, next time you open Snapchat, take a deep breath, assess your AI companion, and make the call. Who knows, you might just discover a chatty buddy you never knew you needed, or find the peace of a quiet inbox. The choice is yours, Snapper! Now go forth and conquer your digital realm, My AI or no My AI.